An amazing star in Christian Firmament

“The future in any age belongs to those who see future than others, who fight their way upward with courage and shrewdness” -Frantzfanon.

At a time our land is painfully muddled with many ills, ranging from societal misplacements, ill-conceived version of ‘seeming holiness in worship’, free leadership tutelage to destruction and manifesting disunity comes a man of purpose, an author of note, a preacher, a global award winning dude and an apostle of true evangelism and devotion to the most high; Pastor KufreabasiEyo, the Senior Pastor at the Winners House of Faith Church International (WIHOFA), Abujawho according to available records started Christian ministry work at a tender age of nine! Little would his parents have known that he was truly called to spread the good news of salvation and with divine speed to win more souls for Christ, then?

Today, the Lord’s ministry headed by him, supported by his wife; Pastor (Mrs.) MmemaobongKufreEyoand other anointed men and women of God have really with the power of the Holy Spirit re-ignited the ways of the old Apostles with prayers thus resurfacing the mightiness and potency of God’s power on earth evident in the avalanche of miracles and wondrous happenings in the church.

His name and that of his ministry now spreads like fire in the dry forest. He acknowledges the grace of God upon him and his spiritual mentors in the Christendom most especially in Pentecostalismhue where he cuts his teeth. He has been using his time, energy and resources without looking back to spread the gospel with unbelievable soullifting indices in the nation’s capital and beyond.

The beauteous symphony of the moment, the ongoing joyous songs in WIHOFA, the leap of faith its inflection inspires, is for the simple reason that the future holds the best for anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and the endless grudge match between fear and hope in the spiritual journey may be finally banished by the unrelenting effort of truly-calledpastors in the cloud of this restless evangelizer because the ongoing euphoria anchors on the inclusion of intellectual resourcefulness and spiritual profundity.

Every dawn comes with its intrinsic offerings. Some are harsh in their realities due to the character of negative change

they engender. Some are sublime in their manifestations yet with significance as potent as the rising sun, which is an inevitable spectre in every dawn. It makes it unhurried, majestic, saunter always from the east and reins on human actions with its life-giving photons as it sets daily in the western horizon.Perhaps, the trajectory of Pastor KufreabasiEyo’s great star may not have curried the striking stimulus of the sun at birth if forces of family discouragement found its ugly way into his thinking at that tender age of nine, but he was capable nonetheless of exacting his own field of influence and altering the stereotyped perception of the world in relation to spiritualism within the context of the ethos of Christendom especially and the secular Nigeria at large.

Pastor Eyo’s fruitful rise to the spiritual summit began early and with humility at an unimaginable age clearly discerned the

unknown quantum that came nicely wrapped up in the aura of the boy child; nor could they decipher in his curious and fixed stares the compelling hands of fate, or the toss of his raft of destiny towards the shores of greatness as he pranced restlessly around their neighborhood at infancy.
In an exclusive and prophetic interview with this writer warmly in his church office, Pastor Eyo touched on many issues bedeviling our nation and the world over with solutions backed by undisputable words of God, (the fulllength of this revealing encounter is the focus of this magazine in the April edition totally devoted to him). What is incontestable is the fact that Pastor Eyo does not have the human power to visit houses of all who comes under his voice or have one-on-one with everybody, but, our calling also is to harden not our hearts and spread the gospel. See you in April.

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